Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

Also known as PPC, it is nothing but Google Advertising. Pay per click is mainly paid advertising done on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) But as Google is the most widely used search engine, PPC mostly refers to Google Ads. It is the most effective type of digital advertising as the ads are shown to people expressing interest in the product or service. As the intent of buying is already there, PPC is very targeted. It is also the most competitive space as there is literally a war between brands to get people buy from them.

PPC ads are mostly text ads that appear over organic results when you search for something on Google. PPC ad campaigns are the most complex systems at work in the digital advertising space. It is a very tiring task to set up, maintain and monitor PPC campaigns. The biggest benefit of PPC campaigns is that you pay advertising fees only when people click on your ad. No fees is applicable for showing your ads.

How is it done?

At Wise Elephant, our team is trained and experienced in setting extensive google ad campaigns. The process of running PPC campaigns is very very complicated but rewarding. We study your business in detail and go through your products/services thoroughly. We also study your competitors and do extensive keyword research. Our aim is to achieve the best possible quality score so that the google ads of our clients rank higher and incur low bid costs. We also make use of call extensions and call outs to make client ads stand out.

  • Detailed study of the business, products/services
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Copywriting
  • Campaign setup
  • Execution, monitoring and refining

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PPC campaigns help you connect with people looking for the products or services that you are providing. It is like a match making service where Google tries to match the seeker with the provider in the best possible way.

PPC campaigns are one of the most value for money digital marketing campaigns. The only requirement is for you to have highly optimized website, detailed keyword research, flawless copywriting and ad campaign setup. When all this is done perfectly, the rewards are highly satisfying.

Yes, PPC campaigns are suitable to almost all business types. In todays era, people search for almost everything online, mostly on google. Hence, it is beneficial for any business to show their ads to the seeker. And the best part is, you only pay when someone clicks on your ads.

PPC campaigns are the most complicated ones to setup. It needs deep knowledge of how keywords work. Only trained and experienced people should run PPC campaigns. Otherwise, there could be a lot of wasted ad fee without fruitful clicks.