Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing consists of two parts:

1. Organic

In organic digital marketing, the aim is to increase the brand reach through extensive use of free tools and activities like posting, commenting, tagging, etc. with the purpose of engaging maximum number of people possible. Although this process is free of charge on all social platforms, in today’s competitive digital space it is extremely difficult to achieve good results solely based on organic approach.

2. Paid

In this approach, paid service is available on most of the social networks where ‘Sponsored’ ads are shown in between the regular article feed of the user. If executed properly with detailed planning and targeting, paid marketing can help you achieve results faster. Effective paid advertising is now more affordable than organic; as achieving organic results now requires herculean efforts.

How is it done?

Digital marketing involves reaching out the target audience for your products and services through social media networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Emails and similar tools. It involves following activities:

– Creating content regularly in the form of texts, graphics/photos, videos and posting on your brand’s social handles
– Engaging visitors by conducting campaigns, offers, contests, quizzes, Q&A’s, events, etc.
– Engaging as a brand with visitors through comments, sharing, tagging, direct messaging and reviews

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Digital Marketing when done correctly, is extremely advantageous. Paid marketing helps in quick networking and organic helps to build long term digital presence.

No and Yes. The cost involved in digital marketing should not be considered at absolute. ROI (return on investment) made on the marketing spend should be calculated to determine it’s feasibility. If done incorrectly, digital marketing can eat up huge bills.

There was a time few years back when it was easy and effective to achieve results through organic marketing. Digital Media now becoming too mainstream and almost everybody trying to gain space, organic marketing gets less than satisfactory results. If the main aim of digital marketing is not to generate immediate sales, organic marketing is suggested.

Paid marketing helps to reach large number of people quickly. It should be used when you have products/services to be sold in bulk (like in ecommerce). Paid marketing can also be used to generate leads, to attract qualified employees or before launching a new shop/business/product. If you wish to strengthen your brand in a certain target group, paid marketing is the tool to go!

Yes and no. Digital marketing requires dedicated efforts and is time consuming. To do it on a professional level, you need an in-house team or you have to outsource the work to an agency like us who will provide with premium level services. Although you can do it on your own, to achieve professionalism needs lot of time and efforts.