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Sydler Electronics
Pune, India
Sydler Products

About The Project

Sydler Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturing company in the field of electronics and automation. They design automation control panels for industries like agriculture, power generation, power distribution, water supply, water treatment, solar and railways. The company headquarter is based in Pune and their manufacturing, R&D as well as sales and distribution is spread across India. The customers of Sydler Electronics are both B2B and B2C in nature, including rural customers as well. The product videos needed to be in multiple languages with subtitles, as there’s a chance of people watching it in mute mode too.


Wise Elephant team suggested to go ahead with a mix of 2d animation, stock videos, recorded videos, device mockups and robotic voice over. As there were a large number of products (more than 80), this method was affordable, value for money and quickly executable. The videos could also be easily translated into multiple languages and edits could be made easily if required in future. 

  • Animated videos
  • Inclusion of stock videos as needed
  • Voice over in different languages
  • Subtitles for watching in mute mode

Challenges and Solution

In such a project, the biggest challenge usually is to keep the video length short. When there are a lot of products with slightly different variants, the viewer usually likes to know about all. Having detailed glimpse in short span of time helps the viewer quickly decide over what he wants. Another challenge our team faced was finding the exact match of stock photos and videos for certain frames. The overall process was very time consuming.

The problem of stock footage was solved by dedicating one resource completely on research of video and photo libraries and filtering out the suitable ones. From the big data bank of filtered media, the editing team was able to pick and use suitable videos and photos. Also, the team had to coordinate with their friends for translation helps on some occasions.



Short 2 to 3 minute product videos with clear voice over was delivered. Complete product information with exact animations and emotions was conveyed. The videos were showcased in exhibitions like Kisan (Moshi, Pune), Middle Ease Energy (Dubai) and Auto Cluster Expo (Aurangabad).

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