Pro Sports & Bikes

Pro Sports & Bikes
Pune, India
Pro Sports & Bikes

About The Client

Pro Sports & Bikes is a dealer in premium range of bicycles and accessories for brands like Scott Sports, Bergamont, Merida, Fuji, Cervelo, Garmin, Saucony, Elite and Fast & Up. They have been selling road bikes, mountain bikes, racing bikes, gravel bikes, triathlon bikes and kids bikes since 2012 in Pune and surrounding region. Pro Sports has also been actively participating and supporting events like Pune Bicycle Championship, Goa Triathlon, WSSM Series, Deccan Cliffhanger, Pune Goa Rides and similar cycling, triathlon and marathon events. The company also organizes leisure bicycle rides to places like Leh Ladakh, Konkan, Goa, Switzerland and other popular cycling destinations in India and abroad.


The client needed a simple one page website as there is not much information about products to be displayed. As the brand doesn’t intend to sell products online, it had to be a non ecommerce website. The major focus had to be on their exclusive service of bike fit technology. The client wanted general pictures of bicycles and store as well as written information on various brands, services and accessories that they offer.

  • Simple one page website which visitors can easily navigate
  • More pictorial and less written content
  • Integration of videos and image galleries
  • Multi location contact link integration

Challenges and Solution

In every one page website, the challenge is always to give a smooth user experience. All data being on a single page, making the website load quickly is a challenging task. In this particular case, the page also included different image galleries, video channels and external data sources like google reviews.

Keeping the image sizes low and integrating videos from YouTube helped us in maintaining the page size low.


The website turned out to be a beautiful green colored brand themed single landing page. The elements of galleries, videos and services were seamlessly integrated. Two store locations were appropriately highlighted and contacting both the stores individually and directly from the website was achieved with an elegant UI design.

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