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Sydler Electronics
Pune, India
Sydler Electronics

About The project

Sydler Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturing company in the field of electronics and automation. They design automation control panels for industries like agriculture, power generation, power distribution, water supply, water treatment, solar and railways. The company headquarters is based in Pune and their manufacturing, R&D as well as sales and distribution is spread across India. The customers of Sydler Electronics are both B2B and B2C in nature. Hence, the website had to be designed keeping in mind all the types of customers and potential customers that will be visiting.
The portfolio of Sydler Electronics has more than 80 products, meaning that the website will host lot of pages and media. Each product has it’s photos and dedicated videos that needed to be included on the website. Also, some products are being sold on ecommerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart, giving the opportunity to have the buy button leading the visitor to the product pages on these websites.


Our team suggested a typical design of an industrial/manufacturing website. The reason was that the prospective visitors are used to certain layout which makes it easier for them to navigate and find the information they are looking for. Also, a simple layout is easy to maintain, make changes and add new information which can be done by the team of Sydler Electronics too, without dependency on external agency.

– Standard layout of a typical manufacturing company
– Easy navigation of product categories & pages
– Quick navigation of product details, photos and videos

Challenges and Solution

The biggest challenge we faced while executing this project was sorting and compiling of data. As the number of products is large and the details of products are minute and vary only slightly by models, data organization required a lot of time and attention to detail.

This problem was solved in a simple method of email exchange where our team received details and images of each product in a separate email making it easier to organize and edit the respective pages. Any edits to be made further was exchanged in replies to those specific emails, making the process very smooth and traceable.


The end result was an easy to use Website which most of the users quickly adapted to. The new website was also faster in loading and much better in layout, design, visual appeal and user friendliness as compared to the older one.